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Management Innovation Agency acts as a company bringing together professionals from specific fields (science, entrepreneurship, NGO)  who have similar goals and are ensuring the following principles in their work:

  • professionalism,
  • continuous development and improvement,
  • social responsibility,
  • flexibility,
  • gamification.

Our credo: innovative approach for new opportunities !

Our point is illustrated by 9 dots. How to combine them with no more than four lines apart from the hand from the leaf? You may want to try, so do not hurry. It is all about creativity and open minding.




For over 13 years, ever since Lithuania had joined the EU, our experts have been working in administration, coordination and writing project proposals within the EU funding framework. Our advantages are rooted in our multi-layered experience: we have worked not only as consultants, but we have also worked in the actual internal administration of EU funds; in developing descriptions of the instruments, evaluation criteria and methodology. We have taken part in evaluation committees, attended evaluation meetings, discussions in respective ministries, and so we know the internal processes and requirements ‘in between the lines’.

You just tell us what your needs are and we will find the specific fund and/or the funding tool, which will meet your identified needs.

It is always possible to turn your idea into reality the important part is to start at the right place. Our long-term experience in the field of project management allows us to achieve that. We care about your idea and your way of thinking and the need for changes, since any project begins as a mere idea.


We provide complex consultations for organizations in project proposal writing and administration of EU Structural Funds, Smart Specialisation (read more in section Innovations), and other specialised programmes.

  • We undertake the writing and implementation of interesting and involving projects.
  • We deliver project management training based on PM BOK, IPMA standarts.
  • We analyse the project management rules, procedures and practice within your organisation, and identify areas for improvement.
  • We provide consultations on assessment and self-assessment of competencies of project managers. We also help to develop the tools for self-assessment.
  • We help to develop the systems of indicators to measure the project impact and results.


Training in professional project management, business management, leadership, creativity in business, quality management and other topics.

Who is our training for? First of all, for those companies and organizations that continuously study for development and appreciate that investment in training is a profitable one.

Our training could be provided in English an Russian. Training can be conducted in Vilnius, Kaunas and other Lithuanian cities. We also travel within territory of EU.

 Training for business on demand

 There is a method that helps to awaken the brain in order to generate new ideas and solutions – it is called active learning. Generally our brains tend to wisely adapt to our usual operations – it automatically brings you into work, helps to check children’s homework and to perform routine office tasks. But when it suddenly comes to making difficult decisions, unless it had been trained, the brain is no longer much of help to us. It is like having to suddenly run a marathon – you will not succeed, if for a couple of years you were just simply ‘sitting on the couch’.

To really ensure the benefits of any training, we try to identify your specific needs in detail, as well as the specific context of your company or organization, and we tailor training materials and practical tasks based on your staff’s needs.

Let’s actively learn together

In choosing our business training you should be prepared to take part in challenging your minds and giving up any prejudices, care to analyze the specific situations, and work together in looking for solutions. We use new concept of gamification and problem solving in our trainings. Together we can not only have a good time, but also find answers to important questions. We do not read lectures, because it would not benefit your staff. For the same reason, we do not organize open training to different companies.


Legal regulations of a start-up business:

  • When is it necessary to formally register any form of activity?
  • The differences between the forms of activity: individual activity/ self-employment, MB, Ltd., etc.;
  • Licensing and other formalities, trade/ rules of service provision;
  • Registration and use of a trade name, logo, trade mark and issues of protection of an intellectual property;
  • Contracts with employees, confidentiality, non-competition regulation;

Development of agreements and contracts between shareholders/ shareholders’ training.

  1. Operational issues:
  • Development of standard contracts;
  • Development of the rules for trade/ service provision;
  • Negotiations with suppliers/ customers;
  • Development of business activities;

2. Debt recovery.


We help companies by leading innovation creation process using Design Thinking tolls. We organize strategic session and other events, by using different moderation and facilitation techniques, we help your team to create new prototypes of services or products. We also provide consultation on Smart Specialization programme Sumani2020, which finance innovation and research and development (R&D) and is a guide further R&D and innovation system development in every member state.

The programme has four objectives:

  • To develop innovative society by developing new knowledge and its application.
  • To enhance innovation potential of business.
  • To promote the cooperation creation of value networking, development and internationalization.
  • To increase efficiency of innovation policy-making and implementation and promote innovation in the public sector.

Our consultants were deeply involved in preparation of Smart Specialization programme and are also members of various research institution and international research projects.


Market research helps to identify trends and make informed decisions. We carry out quantitative and qualitative market research, personnel surveys and sociological research. When assessing the results, we can help determine your company’s market situation, as well as your level of competitive advantage, the level of customer awareness of your brand, customer attitudes towards your services or products, the level of effectiveness of your strategic decision-making and areas for your organizational management improvement.

Services are provided in both Lithuanian and English.

Quantitative research

Online surveys: They help you to more effectively use your funds, ensure an enhanced control of the sample, help to adapt to the needs of the respondents, and are more convenient for customers.

  • Online panels
  • Brand awareness studies

We interpret the collected data based on sociological, marketing and other theories. In this way we can best explain the phenomenon that is revealed by your company’s survey data.

Qualitative research

We have extensive experience in the implementation of qualitative research:

  • Phenomenological study
  • Text analysis
  • Discourse analysis
  • Focused Discussion Groups

The Mystery Shopper Research. This is one of the most popular tools for measuring customer satisfaction not only in the business sector but also in the organizations of the public sector. This method helps to assess your company’s or organization’s working culture, quality of work and staff compliance with your company’s standards.

Internal diagnostics of organizations

The internal diagnostics of organizations, is dedicated to helping identify areas for improvement within companies, and finding ways to address those. Diagnostics is different from research in that it not only ‘measures’ the situation, but also makes a specific diagnosis and suggestions on how and what can be changed.

Our  services could be provided in English and Russian. We can visit your country or organize the on-line consultation if you wish to establish business in Lithuania.

Please contact our English speaking staff at the Customer Contact Center:

+370 61218912